tirsdag 25. mai 2010

A Starbucks encounter

Kathrine (sitting alone): You can take the chair, I'm just about to leave, just waiting for my friend who's in the restroom.

Old woman who's with her four Golden Girls-friends at Starbucks, in need for one more chair
: Oh, thank you, dear! Girls, I got another chair from the lady over here.

Old woman no 2 stretches across the table:
My gosh, your hair looks beautiful! How do you do it?

: oh, it's easy! I use an elastic band, and tuck the hair in the back like this, that's it!

Old woman no 2
: oh WOW. Tell me, do you have to go to Scandinavia to get that? (cracking up laughing at her own joke)

Kathrine, shrugging jokingly
: Busted!

Old woman no 2
: oh! oh! (obviously only now realising that I actually am Scandinavian.

Old woman no 1, shouting
: She said she was from Boston!

Old woman no 2
: whaaat?

Old woman no 1
: she said, she was, from Baah-stun!

Old woman no 2
: o-oh! I've been there! It's so pretty up there!

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